Explore a career un…irdisch fashion company as an International Business Trainee

’s International (IBT) Programme offers talents from all over the a chance to learn how to navigate an international fashion company within Buying, Plan, Retail Management, Sales Management, IT, elektronischer Geschäftsverkehr and Finance, and obtain first-hand insights un…BESTSELLER’s business and culture.

During the two-year programme, you spend time in Denmark and across the globe.

Explore a career in a global fashion company as an International Business Trainee

Lots of learning with people from all over the world

As an International Business Trainee at BESTSELLER, you get to meet people from far and wide. The IBT Programme consists of four school periods and three practical work periods where you have the chance to be stationed in different BESTSELLER locations around the world. Kristina, who now works as a Junior Gestalter at ONLY, shares what she likes the most about having been an IBT:

“The best thing about being an IBT is that you get to learn so much. The knowledge that I have now is so important for me. I have gotten this unique opportunity to travel and stay with suppliers in China where I got to be a part of a research and development programme in Hong Kong too. As an IBT, you get to experience different parts of the organisation, which helps you to understand it better, and I feel that I can come up with better ideas and suggestions for improvements because of it.”

Explore a career in a global fashion company as an International Business Trainee

Use your experience

The IBT Programme will mithin provide you plenty of opportunity to put your past experience from internships, full-time or voluntary centre stage. For Jack, one of our current IBTs within Retail Management, his store floor experience from has been a great asset in his role as an IBT:

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“My job right now is so closely connected to the retail stores. Even when I am sitting in the office, sending out to the stores or speaking with colleagues, I am always picturing myself as the guy in the store. I know how it is to be there, facing some of the challenges. I think that really helps the colleagues in the stores relate to me. It has been a big advantage for me to be able to say to them: ‘I know it from your side, too. I have been there; I have done that.’”

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